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Covid 19 Information

Ashley House COVID ROOM 1.jpg

Current Guidelines:


During the pandemic and lockdown periods, we used this visiting room partitioned by a glass panel to allow visits to take place, yet prevent the transmission of the virus. 

Ashley House welcomes all visitors at all times. Please read the following guidelines:

For Family Members:

We encourage visits throughout the day. Please do an LRD test before coming along and present this to one of our staff members at the door.

The staff will guide you through the next steps on arrival

Facemasks are still essential

All other visitors:

If you can, please do an LFD test before coming along which you can show at the door. If you are unable to do a test, we will ask you to take one in our testing area before visiting takes place.

Please do not visit Ashley House if you have Covid 19 symptoms such as a cough and temperature.

We will encourage you to use our hand gels and keep your face mask on

Our Story

On the 12th March, 2020 at 2.30pm, Ashley House made a regretful but urgent decision to close their doors to the public to safe guard the resident's health and wellbeing. Meetings were quickly held and intensive health and safety training proceeded.

Staff amazingly stepped up their hours, thus eliminating the need of bank staff. A visiting room was designed early on with a 12 ft by 5ft glass panel allowing maximum protection to both residents and visitors, (a donation was kindly received from the local rotary club). This room provided a cosy and warm environment where an intercom allowed easy and clear communication. 

The administrative staff, along with the manager tirelessly sourced PPE from everywhere including 'The Men's Shed', Milnathort, who kindly provided visors.

The house was divided into sections with its specific staff thus quickly enabling possible identification of any outbreak of infection, (this was pre Track and Trace). 

Risk Assessments were carried out ensuring residents had a one to one contact with staff throughout the day. Ipads and Mobile phones were provided for communication between residents and family & friends. Updates were regularly given in the form of videos, photos and text via WhatsApp, email and messenger. 

It has been an extremely difficult year for everyone, and with good fortune and dedicated, hardworking staff, we managed a Covid free year. We will strive to maintain this efficiency and we can only hope we are lucky this year. There are many great care homes, who unfotunately, through no fault of their own, were not so lucky.

Our residents and staff have now received both vaccinations.  This will benefit them greatly in the future months, allowing us to, at last, move on with some sort of normality in a more relaxed environment. Although, we will always be vigilant. 

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